A Parting Note

The next time we cross paths
Like autumn leaves on blooming grass
The still breeze, those beating hearts
Like history repeating it’s songs atlast
The next time our eyes meet
Make me a promise you’ll always keep
The next time you hold my hand
Show me those scars that were never meant


For the next time when the time comes
I’ll be right here for you to return
And when the sun sets and the sky breathes
I’ll look at it and remember thee
As when the moon feels the night breeze
I’ll paint a canvas of abandoned dreams
To remember the tears that forever bleed


Under the crimson sky with darkness alas!

Holding my shattered soul like a broken glass

I know what’s coming, I realized the signs

Full of fear yet I’m ready to comply

Standing alone on this thorned aisle

Am I the only one whose been cast aside?

Choking on my own desires

While the human in me burns alive

Drowning, dying, withdrawn to hide

Please let me run while I can decide.

Relinquishing Despair

Let the sun, shine on you with all its might, and cast the clouds of darkness aside;

For it’s been too long living under the grim shadows of distress.

It’s been too long waiting for a saviour when you’re your own saviour instead.

It’s been too long wailing and weeping within when the truth needs to be upheld.

It’s been too long carrying agony and finding peace in rest.

Spread your wings and let them take you ahead,

For this sky is vast enough to hide all your woes.

Let not the world limit you, for this sky is yours to discover.

The Labyrinth



Do you know what solitude is?

It’s when you seek refuge from your own reflection because it haunts you and so you stay alone;

you lay forsaken, fighting this battle with yourself while; every passing moment leaves you with the realization that you’ll soon become yourself.

That you’ll soon become that destructive clot of pain that’ll set wreckage to every living being in its realm. Your existence no more remains enigmatic,

but now turns into a labyrinth while you can’t seem to find an answer to escape this labyrinth, like a lost soul running in circles and circles searching for the justification of its shattered existence,

so every passing second sets your heart to flames, sets you to flames and then you burn slowly and gently, you burn till you turn to ashes and cease to exist,

you die in search of the answer to your labyrinth.


They talk about anchors to hold us back, to reduce my angst. To make me forget for a moment, that; of which I am or I have become a part.

The flagrant and confound existence of the enigmatic elegy that has been awarded to me impecuniously.

Odd it is that in a world where nothing comes free, I have been awarded such a detrimental and unkempt perception.

There is this constant confusion, and it feels like it’s not coming to an end.

The more I try to elicit, to devise, the more I become confound.

Sometimes it feels as if it is rhetorical, but then I might be unable to understand its silent whispers.

But, if I’m unable to understand my devious mind then who will? THIS WORLD?

That tears you apart in two halves and makes you cry over your own mere existence.

YOUR existence will never be sanctioned in this world.

Through its strident demands, it will seclude you from everyone including your very own reflection.

And one day you’ll become a servile individual. You know why?

All because you could never become a part of the crowd, because that conflagration in your heart made them feel subordinate.



The silence is piercing through my veins and my blood

I wish to scream but my voice unheard

I wish to cry and wail and weep

For the demons within me are carving too deep

Its been too long, living, under the shadow of despair

And now the wicks within, are burning me to flare.